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NIKHILDHAM, a temple situated in Bhojpur, 30 km away from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, was inaugurated in March 2005. The pran-pratishtha of chaitanya idol of our beloved Sadgurudev Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwaranandji was performed a year later in June 2007. Nikhildham is a unique place as it has Sarabeshwar, a crystal shivalingam weighing 21kg and other deities rarely found in one location together. In 2008, our Gurudev had undertaken the shila stapana of “Dasa Mahavidhyas”* during the auspicious day of Shivratri. Nikhildham, of course, is a place where lots of pure spiritual energy flows. It is the only temple in India to be dedicated to the ‘Dasa Mahavidhyas’* or the ‘Ten Mahavidhyas’. Either a temple has one deity or a few deities, but a place of worship dedicated to all the Mahavidhyas is rare. The uniqueness of this temple is that it is spread over an area of 5 acres and has the idols of all the ten Mahavidhyas, specially carved by inspired artisans of Rajasthan. Nikhildham is home to numerous trees, herbs and shrubs which are rare and unique for pure Tantra Sadhana.

The complex is serene and surrounded by a flowing river. Gurudev and Mataji are taking a lot of effort to make Nikhildham a distinct place to facilitate spiritual quest in real sense. Nikhildham is going to be a place for social welfare and a real place of worship of the Sadgurudev Nikhileshwaraanandji, Dasa Mahavidhyas, Shiva, Sarabeshwar, Bhairav, Shani, Ganapati and Hanuman, individuals will be given Dikshas to perform their sadhanas.

Welcome To The Official Website Of Sadhna Siddhi Vigyan Welcome To The Official Website Of Sadhna Siddhi Vigyan